A large bank needs to ensure that the software through which customers interact with it meets the desired requirements. It also need to ensure that software meets the same performance criteria, scalability, testability and security defined. Given the new developments implemented in all communication channels, the need to automate tasks to be checked for the entire development process automatically is vital if you want to be competitive and agile. This automation scenario requires users to run tests automatically, but in previous environments, it is difficult to obtain all the necessary types by safety regulations.

Automatisation of clients communications


Large banking company


Intelligent simulation tool that engages in conversations with customers, make calls and complete operational status, depending on the used channel.

Developed solution

A tool was developed so that it enables virtualisation of business scenarios based on recordings. This process involves both technical people as business managers. It is vital to make the largest number of self-tests to ensure the quality of the final product without the process is affected by the difficulty of obtaining users in previous environments for safety regulations. The developed tool supplants any layer within the bank’s infrastructure, and replaces it with a set of recordings flat, customisable text, which transparently perform the tasks backend. Intelligence in responses to customer gives you the power to simulate conversations with state calls, or complete operational, regardless of the channel used. In addition, it is able to integrate into continuous integration processes of the bank, and frees developers from instability problems of daily work environments.

Results obtained

  • Results obtain from the development time is decreased since the development does not stop by the instability of the environment.
  • The process of continuous integration is not affected by this instability, and can ensure the quality of the developed at any time.
  • The simulation of a particular business scenario is perfectly reproducible as many times as desired.
  • Infrastructure spending is lower pre environments because it is a lightweight tool.
  • It is a multiplatform solution that decouples the evidence of a specified technology.

Development time reduction


Software quality improvement


Infrastructure cost reduction