A multinational reference company in the field of digital payments needed to combine their users prepaid system with the needs of a startup in the field of wearable devices payments (wearable). The startup requests the ability to manage the balance recharge associated with each wearable, involving charges on credit cards through a bank for this purpose. In addition, the system should allow management of third-party devices, mainly facing parents who manage their children wearable.

Combine prepaid system and wearables


Digital payments company


Mobile application for iOS and Android, which allows to add or delete new wearable devices and load or balance them.

Developed solution

It was based on a mobile app for iOS and Android very easy to use, that allows to give high or low new wearable, load balance them, manage wearable by other users and invite them to the platform and see solution was implemented the historic operations performed with wearable (including purchases made by bringing the wearable to a payment device). The backend that supports the application manages refills balance transactionally (coordinating the banking gateway to the backend developed and management system prepayments), maintains the association between user and bracelet and limits the full use of the application for users whose account is managed by another.

The system will allow the export of historical user activity to business intelligence engines to implement future targeted marketing campaigns.

Results obtained

The project has begun to be implemented in international sports events organised in our country, with broad public success, and is developing the implementation plan in events of various types: recreational, leisure and sports areas, museums, etc. The fact that the implementation of the system go associated with increases in billing events and businesses in which it is implanted facilitates the presentation of the costs associated as an investment that returns in the short term, a fact that ensures the recurrence of deployments with customers .