Ferrovial is a world leader in the sector of infrastructure and services, an area in which develops solutions marked by innovation.
This company has opted to boost the Business Intelligence we work in a great team in charge of generating knowledge in order to apply it in the traditional Ferrovial models with the dual aim of improving security and customer service offered in its 4 divisions
Construction, highways, airports and services.
To date there was too much reliance on the developed BI applications due to the large number of incidents and the poor performance solving them.
The developed solution should guarantee the application support and achieve greater visibility of these different users gaining their trust.


Business Intelligence in infraestructure


Infraestructure and services company


We formed a great team that managed to transform data into information and information into knowledge, transferring it to the traditional models of the company.

Developed solution

Put a team with expert’s profiles in applications dedicated to troubleshooting and acquisition of functional knowledge.
Parallel to include a dedicated team to develop new evolutionary profiles relying on practical knowledge.

  • it happens to conduct full reviews of each application proposing improvements should detect
  • It begins to give based on SLAs to maintain compliance in resolving defects / service tasks, etc.
  • the development of new functions in different applications intensifies.
  • training courses are offered to users in applications for presentation and gain their attention.

Results obtained

  • Reduction of incidents by 90%.
  • Increase users accessing different applications.
  • Improved perception of automated services by the user.
  • Increased evolutionary requested to provide new values.

Bugs reduction


Applications users growth


TCO optimization