Aderen People

Our professionals

Alberto de Francisco

CEO Aderen

María Martín

Recruiter Specialist

Anabella Falconce

Recruiter Specialist

Isaac Pérez

Contact Center and CRM Expert

Luz de León

CX Expert - Diga33!

Hector Monteiro

eCommerce expert

Carlos Delgado

Big Data Architect

Jesús Marcos

Integration Architect

Javier Suárez

Contact Center Expert - Kymatic

Pedro Domingues

Billing Expert - Liskus

Raúl Sanz

JEE & Agile Methodologies expert

Nacho Marín

Dev-Ops and Mobility Expert - Ubiqware

Ester Ramos

Business Intelligence Expert

Our professionals

We feel passion

for the great job

We are proud of the team we have brought together and think it is our differential value. The high professionalism of the people working with each other, their commitment to Aderen and each of the projects, make teamwork with the customer a great satisfying experience that undoubtedly reflected in the outcome of our projects.

Willingness to work and achieving goals is something that differentiates us from the rest, the well-rounded and high quality work is what unites us all.

What are the principles and philosophy our professionals believe in?
  • Expertise and attitude combined makes the difference
  • Think simple
  • Have fun and learn in each project
  • Do not be afraid to propose
  • Be flexible and agile
  • Get involved
How we work

Creating teams

Our previous experience in technological environments and over 9 years working hand in hand with our customers allow us to fully understand their needs and what equipment or profiles are needed.

The selection and preparation of each project born of the knowledge of the technology and capabilities demonstrated by our network of professionals. Through a limited business model based on relationships of trust and networking, we have managed to attract and retain a community of freelance and micro companies with decades of experience in the management and implementation of strategic projects of technological field, and integrate perfectly into projects and in the culture of the client company.

The work under this model allows us to find the best solution for each project. We do not look at what we have looked before, we search again for the best team or professional that suit your project or needs.

Our teams are agile, flexible, experienced, have attitude and are committed to our customers.

How do we select talent?

With a secret formula

More secret that the famous drink … putting our network of professionals in the heart of each selection process.

Our knowledge of technology, sectors to which we are dedicated and capabilities demonstrated by our network of professionals, is mixed in a special way that results in the perfect combination for companies, projects and people.

We are specialists selecting specialists.

Select talent with us

We need

treasure hunters

Do you have experience in the selection of people, technology expertise, a sixth sense to find professionals who stand out for their perseverance and commitment?
Would you like to work with us and contacting the best professionals with the best and most cutting-edge projects?

No matter where you are or how many hours you can devote, at Aderen we have a flexible selection model based on success in which they accommodate all professionals characterized by their excellence in work and values.

We count on you!

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    Yes with you! the selection of our professionals is methodical and personalized based on their personal values, commitment to work and their experience, wherever you are always looking for the best talent and put it at the service of the best projects we support, we encourage, we do grow. Do you want to be part of Aderen?