Insurance Sector Company focused mainly in Switzerland and with a very high productivity value-oriented customer needs, choose to deploy Workforce Management to manage interactions with multiple channels.
  • Modernisation management system interactions within the Contact Center.
  • Managing interactions in multiple channels (voice, chat, email and sms).
  • Increased levels of productivity and improvement in processes and response times.
  • Obtaining values of average below the existing call time.

Workforce Management.


Insurance company


Implementation of Workforce Management tool and definition of management processes.

Developed Solutions

The project needed a multi-device system and multi-language to cover all customer needs including technical improvements in the field of data security and encryption, as well as, user experience. Banking products offered to users functionally adapted and expanded to meet all the needs demanded by the use and development of systems and customer’s requirements.

Solución técnica
  • Implementing Workforce Management tool and definition of management processes.
  • Obtaining global forecast values and distribution of interactions per geographical area.
  • Definition of planning processes oriented to the needs and activities of the Contact Center.

Results obtained

  • Improvements in productivity levels per service.
  • Increased service levels and management of multichannel interactions.
  • Greater flexibility in handling planning on agent groups.
  • Values more appropriate and adjusted to the different areas of activity forecast.

Service level improvement


Agents productivity improvement


Contact Center cost reduction