Implementation of centralised pricing system in leader in express transport

  • Replacing charging system based on AS400 platform, with serious scalability issues, transactional control and traceability.
  • Integration with other systems dependent AS400 based communications file exchanges.
  • Mononode Solution. The fall of the single node causes a complete loss of service and the consequent operational stoppage.
  • Historical data based backup and tape media. Time spent in the recovery process and data access too high.
  • Error handling without any major limitations of standardisation with

Rating system


Express Transport Company Lead


Implementation of reference pricing solution based on JEE SOA market

Developed solution

  • Implementation of reference pricing solution based on JEE SOA market.
  • Configuration and adaptations to support standard processes charging and charging special conditions.
  • Based integration services are consumed from different source systems.
  • Software and hardware architecture that ensures high availability and load balancing. Ssignificant increase in the robustness of the service.
  • Traceability and log management standardised and based on three levels. Full control of each transaction generating technical and functional information of each operation.


    • Charging 100% of requests for standard pricing and special conditions.
    • 50% reduction in the time of each application for taxation.
    • Notable increase scalability and flexibility.
    • Notable reduction in development time and troubleshooting. The TCO fell 40%
    • End to end management of transactional and traceability.

Number of succeed requests


Performance optimization


TCO reduction