The company provides a courier push notifications to large customers, this messaging is possible through an SDK with native and hybrid versions for iOS and Android, the volume of users is very high and is a service widely used in the market .
This SDK has been developed by another consulting firm external mobility so we make receiving the source code of the project and its servers to first analyse the quality and status. Once analysed must decide whether it evolve or create a solution from 0. During this analysis process we must support existing customers of it and make corrections and updates to new versions of iOS and Android.
The solution should simplify the process of integration with the current tool as well as to improve their stability ratio.

News push messaging


Marketing services company


Creating multi-device and multi-language system with improved security, encryption and expanded functionalities.

Developed solution

The project needed a multi-device system and multi-language to cover all customer needs including technical improvements in the field of data security and encryption, as well as, user experience. Banking products offered to users functionally adapted and expanded to meet all the needs demanded by the use and development of systems and customer’s requirements.

Once the SDK received and analysed the state of server technology evolve decision which involves a number of tasks in parallel it is taken:

  • Refactoring existing code and documentation
  • Creating new SDK applications testing
  • Proposed new features for SDK
  • Evolution of Android SDK to make it compatible with Android 6
  • Evolution iOS SDK to make it compatible with iOS 9
  • Cordova evolution SDK for Android and iOS to make it compatible with Android and iOS 6 9
  • Technical customer support SDK
  • Bug fixing and stabilisation SDK
  • Code refactoring to reduce consumption of resources, both mobile (data and battery) and server (processor and database).

During this process it is also decided to stop working with an external hosting provider to develop a proprietary solution for the server, the architecture of the new SDK is planned to connect to this new server.

Results obtained

  • SDKs updated to the latest versions of iOS and Android.
  • Data consumption reduced by 1000% on geolocation.
  • Consumption data processor and the server to more than half, which means a reduction of 50% in the costs.
  • Stabilisation of the solution involves a drastic reduction in the number of incidents.
  • Perception much improved response times on customer support.
  • Design of a new SDK with the new server that will further reduce monthly costs.

Data consumption reduction


Incidents reduction


TCO reduction