The company makes the strategic decision to migrate its current data center to a cloud-based platform, opting for a mixed model, blending different solutions both public cloud (AWS, SoftLayer), and private.
The migration process raises the following difficulties:

  • physical machines offered by the original CPD vs virtual machines, according to the new model of CPD.
  • Three corporate integration platforms (based on TIBCO products, IBM and SAP), which interact with each other and share the integration of various systems.
  • Reduced platform migration times. In addition, a migration by groups of applications and platforms is established. This has a high impact on migration platforms, as integrated systems that may belong to different phases of migration.
  • Lack of maintenance procedures. Being a model owner operators former CPD.

CPD Migration


Utilities company


CPD migration to a cloud-based platform –mixing option- model for mixing different solutions in both the public and private cloud.

Developed solution

In order to alleviate or minimise each of the above points, multidisciplinary teams work platform established, and the following steps are taken:

  • Review, suppliers, of known problems of using their platforms in virtual environments. Although no serious problems were raised, it is a revision that allows pre-empt potential problems.
  • Check documentation is generated different platforms, differing interactions with other systems integrators, with a dual objective:
    • Ensure that after the process server virtualisation, the system continues to the expected response.
    • Give an agile response to previous or subsequent migrations that occur, so that it can be proven that the platform still allows communication between different company systems response.
  • Each is carefully planned migration, intervention times, staff shifts, monitoring meetings, documentation and verification.
  • It is based on the experience of migration of non-productive environments, is made a database of knowledge with all arising problems with the documentation check is fed back, so that problems are minimised in the migration of the following environment .
  • Although a transfer of knowledge between operators occurs, it encourages teams to have more knowledge about the maintenance of their platforms, they are encouraged to make suggestions on how it should be maintenance. This will help expedite the resolution of maintenance-related incidents.


All integration platforms are migrated properly and in established times, adapted to the new infrastructure. The teams assimilate the new operational procedures.

Infraestructure service improvement


Performance improvement


TCO reduction