The modernisation of online banking features that are currently offering to customers in Saudi Arabia.
A new online banking prepaid cards targeted exclusively to expatriate Saudi Arabiam users.
An international expansion to serve its customers in Jordan and Kuwait through a new online banking aimed specifically to them.
We start from the following situation:

  • International customer
  • Team distributed in different locations: Spain, Saudi Arabia and India.
  • Need for frequent delivery versions.
  • Need to coordinate the different teams involved in development: frontend and backend.
  • High interdependence of integration with backend systems.
  • Backend systems evolving SOAP web services.

Digital transformation in Arabia Saudi


Large banking company


Technical Lead, expansion and adaptation of banking products both, desktop and mobile experiences.

Developed solution

3 different banking products. One of them already implemented by a vendor in an unfamiliar technology.
Desktop and mobile versions.
Technical improvements to cover the challenges.
Expansion and functional adaptation of banking products.

From the standpoint of the technical solution
Share the same baseline for all products with the aim of reducing the effort of implementation and facilitate compatibility between them before similar new features.
Different implementations for desktop and mobile versions.
Java enterprise architecture that marks a separation between the presentation layer, desktop and mobile, and a layer of REST services for comparison and reuse of integration with backend systems.
Presentation layer components with high javascript to enhance the user experience.
Agreements interface between the areas involved, frontend and backend and use of simulators based on them to facilitate the development of parallel systems.
Integration with backend systems mixed: HOST and SOAP web services to allow a gradual transition from bank systems.
From the point of view of management:
Using agile to coordinate work between the different areas involved and frequent releases of functionality and delivery methodology.
Coordination through joint planning agreement between all areas involved.
Different levels of testing to cover all the areas involved: integration, functional and user acceptance.
Work philosophy end-to-end with a multidisciplinary team rather than separation equipment for areas / job functions.
Sequential development of the desktop versions and mobile to reduce rework interdependencies with backend systems.
Weekly meetings with manear remote client for monitoring the work.
Saudi Arabia frequent capture and clarification of requirements as well as support deployments travel.


  • Improved performance and maintainability of services by 30%.
  • Reduce costs by decreasing infrastructure requirements by 25%.
  • Increase the number of users of online banking by 50%.
  • Increase in the number of services provided through online banking.

Improved performance and maintainability of services


Reduce costs by decreasing infrastructure requirements


Increase the number of users of online banking