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Job Opening ID 1323
Project lenght in months Largo Plazo
Languages Ingles
Knowledge area
Rate - Eur 240-280
Job Description

We are looking for a Software Architecht/Senior developer who will join our client´s team in order to develop a state of the art mobility solutions.- Have worked in the design of multi-device oriented web applications.

- Have worked with hybrid mobile application frameworks such as Cordova or Capacitor and experience in developing custom plugins for mobile applications in Cordova or Capacitor.

- Knowledge of mobile platforms: Android or iOS (Knowledge of Android Studio or Xcode environments.

- Knowledge of APK or IPA artifact generation. Knowledge of publishing in the markets.

- Knowledge of mobile services

Knowledge of languages:

- Typescript: medium-high level.

- Javascript: medium-high level

- HTML: high level. Has experience in layout.

- CSS: medium-high level. Experience with SCSS/SASS application layout.

- Angular: medium-high level

- Web Components: medium level. Experience working on WebComponents architectures.

- NodeJs: medium-high level. Experience in back-end development.

- Experience working with DB and Cloud Native (AWS) environments with microservices.

- High level in the creation of APIs and their management with Apigee.

Practical experience:

- Extensive experience and knowledge of Clean Code.

- Object-oriented programming

- Knowledge of Simple Design Principles

- Smells and refactoring

- Knowledge of Design Patterns

- Testing: has experience testing production applications with the Angular stack.

- Experience with TDD methodology

- Architecture: has experience creating and configuring SPA web projects from scratch.

- Experience in EKS, Dockers

- Experience in BFF pattern


- GIT: Knows the tool.

- Confluence: Knows the tool.

- Jenkins or similar: intermediate level. At least have the ability to create a build and a job.

- Android Studio or XCode


- Agile: Knows the principles and knows how to apply them.

- Scrum: has worked with the Scrum/Kanban methodology


We offer:


  • Freelance contract
  • Rate: 220-280 eur/day depending on experience
  • Long term contract
  • Flexibility and good work environment.
  • Location: Flexible -Madrid  Hibrid or remote




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