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DevOps Engineer

Freelance Full time

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Job Opening ID 1241
Project lenght in months Largo Plazo
Languages Español
Knowledge area
Skills Devops
Rate - Eur 280-300
Job Description

DevOps Engineer

What you’ll do

       Work together with other teams to understand their current processes and missing opportunities around data engineering and machine learning development.

       Work on solutions to cover those needs, which might involve either exploring the state of the art of existing solutions, developing new ones or something in between.

       Work closely with those teams to help them onboard our platform and services, track their progress and learn from their feedback.

       Build highly scalable solutions for Big Data and Machine Learning on top of a wide spectrum of technologies (like:

       Cloud providers like AWS, GCP or Azure

       Containerized applications with Docker and Kubernetes

       Orchestration tools like Kubeflow Pipelines, Argo Workflows

       Computation frameworks like Hadoop, Apache Spark

       Programming languages like Python, Go or Rust

       Machine Learning frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Spark ML, Torch, Keras

       Continuous integration and continuous development tools (CI/CD) like Jenkins, Travis, Concourse, Tekton, Flux or Argo CD)

       Provide monitors and automation of the operations and production of large-scale distributed systems

       Do it together with interdisciplinary teams composed of devops/software/data/ML engineers, data scientists, analysts and product specialists.


Who you are

       A BSc (or equivalent) degree in computer science

       Experience with cloud providers (AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean)

       Strong analytical / problem solving skills

       Strong UNIX background

       The ability to write scripts to diagnose problems (Python or similar)

       Proven ability and experience developing computer programs (Golang, Java, Python, Ruby or similar)

       Experience in building systems that scale

       Experience with modern deployment tools for CI/CD



·          Contrato modalidad Freelance

·          Tarifa: 250€-300€. En función de valía del candidato.

·          Recurrencia en proyectos. 

·          Lugar de trabajo: Mixto en Barcelona


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