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Head of Scrum

Freelance Full time

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Job Opening ID 403
Project lenght in months Largo Plazo
Languages Español
Knowledge area
Skills Scrum
Rate - Eur 260-280
Job Description
SKILLS: Broad knowledge of Scrum. Team leadership skills and motivation
capacity. . 

 Familiarity with Agile practices (Scrum,
Lean, Kanban, XP…). Fundamentals of software engineering.

Service-oriented environments. Iterative and incremental development. 
Design Thinking experience, UX skills and front-end development
knowledge are valued. 

Transparent attitude and situational awareness.

Conflict resolution. Interpersonal and communication skills. 
Project management. Agile tools (Jira, Confluence…). Metrics (velocity,


Leading the Scrum Masters to achieve the groups
goals regarding all ongoing and future projects. Fostering and
escalating Agile practices and culture across the organization, taking
as input the guidelines of Santander Global Design Authority. 

Ensuring Scrum Masters remain fully functional and productive. Facilitating
discussions, decision making and conflict resolution sessions.

Maintaining and communicating Global Sprint status metrics (velocity,
burn-down, burn-up…), as well as project status to stakeholders.
Acting as gatekeeper between the Agile teams and the Group executives,
Fostering a safe environment based on trust, in which problems can be
posed without fear of judgement. Removing obstacles (directly or
indirectly), acting as information broker.

Assisting in internal and external communication activities, helping to improve transparency by
radiating information.

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